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The Riders / Dr. Rideout

Height:  5'10"
Age:  40

Red Hot Wife 88
Dr. Rideout , Red Hot Wife 88
27 minutes of video
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In Dr. Rideout Episode 21, I'm called over to help Red Hot Wife 88 with some discomfort she has down stairs. One thing leads to another and before you know we are fucking!

Tags: big breasts big tits Doctor Exam
Venice Escape and Luke London in "Pay Back"
Dr. Rideout , Luke London
23 minutes of video
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Venice Escape is used as pay back. Since last time Rideout was kind enough to share his wife after catching Luke with her when he returned home. Luke wanted to share his new toy Venice and that he did. Both of them even double penetrated her pussy, stretching her to a hard orgasm. Rideout is having...

Tags: big breasts big tits Deep Throat Double Penetration
Mandi Mayes in "Working It Off"
Dr. Rideout , Mandi Mayes
26 minutes of video
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Mandi is having some engine problems with her pickup truck. Mechanic Rideout is explaining her options. But all of them are too expensive for poor little Mandi. So she has a bright idea to pay for the services with some sexual favors. She gets to work on Rideout's Cock wasting no time, then escorts...

Tags: Bikini buff girl Fit Chick Mechanic
"Catching The Cabana Boy" with Kellie Shin
Dr. Rideout , Kellie Shin
42 minutes of video
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Dr. Rideout's wife Kellie Shin is fucking the Cabana boy from the club. She gets caught when the Doc comes home. He is upset at first but then they let bygones be bygones and tag team Ms. Shin even giving her double penetration in her pussy.

Tags: Asian Big Dick blasian Bodybuilder
Addyson James in "Walking Water Park"
Addyson James , Dr. Rideout
18 minutes of video
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Addyson James ventured to Dr. Rideout's hotel for a special appearance in his latest production. After a thrilling week in Phoenix, shooting with Team VP — the very team that introduced her to Reese Rideout — Addyson made time despite her packed schedule of professional shoots. True to her word,...

Eliza Rae in "Stripper For One"
Dr. Rideout , Eliza Rae
35 minutes of video
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Eliza Rae orders a male stripper and tells his agency that it is for a bachelorette party. But the only lady at the party is Eliza Rae and she doesn't just want a dance she wants the whole package!

Tags: bj black hair Bodybuilder construction worker
Paige Turner in "Dr. Rideout Ep20
Dr. Rideout , Paige Turner
19 minutes of video
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Dr. Rideout and Nurse Paige, overwhelmed by a busy day at the office, decide to skip the crowded cafeteria and head to Paige's house for a quieter lunch. They discover that Paige’s fridge is bare due to a party she hosted the night before. But Nurse Paige is needing some protein. And she knows Dr....

Tags: big breasts big tits Mini Skirt Pink Hair
Lyric Sky, Dreads Way, Bosewell Black "Game Day"
Boswell Black , Dr. Rideout
29 minutes of video
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I invited the boys over for the big game. We had a caterer come over and things took a turn from eating food to eating pussy and pounding out a great time. This was also filmed right after the AVN Expo, I grabbed a Lyft over to the shoot house and we all got our fuck on!

Tags: BBC BBW big breasts Big Dick