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The Riders / Dr. Rideout

Height:  5'10"
Age:  40

Paige Turner in "Dr. Rideout Ep20
Dr. Rideout , Paige Turner
19 minutes of video
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Dr. Rideout and Nurse Paige, overwhelmed by a busy day at the office, decide to skip the crowded cafeteria and head to Paige's house for a quieter lunch. They discover that Paige’s fridge is bare due to a party she hosted the night before. But Nurse Paige is needing some protein. And she knows Dr....

Tags: big breasts big tits Mini Skirt Pink Hair
Lyric Sky, Dreads Way, Bosewell Black "Game Day"
Boswell Black , Dr. Rideout
29 minutes of video
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I invited the boys over for the big game. We had a caterer come over and things took a turn from eating food to eating pussy and pounding out a great time. This was also filmed right after the AVN Expo, I grabbed a Lyft over to the shoot house and we all got our fuck on!

Tags: BBC BBW big breasts Big Dick
Andie Anderson "Fun Bags Galore"
Andie Anderson , Dr. Rideout
23 minutes of video
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I took a quick trip after the AVN Expo over to a house full of hot wives. Andie Anderson happened to be my girl for the hour. You can even see the bracelet on my wrist still from the day of fun at the Expo. Andie is a hot short sweetie with curves for days and bags of fun on her front side and...

Tags: big breasts big tits bj Blondes
Sarah Love "Cuck Me Hotel"
Dr. Rideout , Sarah Love
20 minutes of video
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Sarah Love loves to get fucked in front of her hubby. This film was made during the AVN awards week out in Las Vegas. It was also filmed and directed by Dean Coll in his debut as a first time porn director and is a long time friend of mine totaling more than 35 years or so.

Tags: big breasts Cuck Cuckhold Hotel Sex
"Two Too Wet" Kenna B
Dr. Rideout , Kenna B
24 minutes of video
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Kenna has been experiencing excessive moisture and heightened sensitivity in her intimate area. Dr. Rideout attends to her by having her change into a gown and assume a comfortable position for examination, with her feet gently supported in stirrups. Kenna responds well to the doctor's gentle touch,...

Tags: Big Dick black hair Bodybuilder check up
"Serve And Protect" Mattie
Dr. Rideout , Mattie
12 minutes of video
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Mattie called the fire department, but not for the usual blaze that warrants a 911 call. This emergency is for the heat deep in-between her legs. Fireman Rideout is there in a flash to "Serve and Protect"

Tags: big breasts Big Dick Bodybuilder Busty
"Aliyah Loves Dick" Aliyah Taylor
Aliyah Taylor , Dallas Strokes
29 minutes of video
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Aliyah is eager for her big gang bang debut. She is wet and very ready. All the guys take turns on her even giving her some double penetration. This is some super hardcore fucking and I'm glad I was a part of it.

Tags: anal BBC big breasts big clit
Ep. 17 "Doctor Appreciation Day" Tiffany Nacke and Aliyah Taylor
Aliyah Taylor , Dr. Rideout
28 minutes of video
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Tiffany and Aliyah ask Dr. Rideout to come over for a quick refreshment to show their appreciation to me. I was on my lunch break and just thought it was gong to be an innocent tonic water. But they had something else in mind.

Tags: big breasts big clit Big Dick big tits