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The Riders / Dr. Rideout

Height:  5'10"
Age:  40

"Hot to Touch" with Haute For Teacher
Dr. Rideout , Haute for Teacher
25 minutes of video
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Haute for Teacher is coming to my office for some uncomfortableness she is feeling in her lower area. But when I go to examine her while her legs are up on the stirrups, she pretty much tells me to start rubbing.

Tags: Blondes Doctor Doggy Style Exam
Holly Hot Wife
Dr. Rideout , Holly Hotwife
14 minutes of video
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I went to a huge content house out in LA a little while ago. There were about 12 women and 20 guys plus all their husbands. When we had the meet and greet the first night as I was looking at all the available women Holly Hot Wife was one I for sure wanted to film with. She has in my mind the body that...

Tags: barbie big breasts Blondes Bodybuilder
"Stoner Boner" Kellie Shin
Dr. Rideout , Kellie Shin
14 minutes of video
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Perseus finds Medusa in side of her chambers in a deep slumber. He has been hunting her for a while now, trying to save the town from her rain of terror. After finding her she awakes he is careful to not look at her but Medusa's eyes connect with his cock turning it to stone. With his hard cock they...

Tags: Asian black hair blasian Bodybuilder
"Needing Flora" with Flora Aulcair
Dr. Rideout , Flora Auclair
34 minutes of video
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Flora calls up Dr. Rideout for a stiff pinky finger. But that's not all that get's stiff on the docs visit. Lets just say every part of Flora gets loosened up by the doctor.

Tags: Deep Throat Doctor Doggy Style Exam
"Sore Shoulder" Vanessa Arizona
Dr. Rideout , Vanessa Arizona
21 minutes of video
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Vanessa Arizona visits Dr. Rideout to address her persistent shoulder discomfort. During her appointment, Dr. Rideout successfully enhances Vanessa's overall joint mobility, providing her with relief and improved movement.

Tags: big breasts buff girl Doctor Exam
Sierra Spunk in "Not A Fuck In The World"
Dr. Rideout , Sierra Spunk
17 minutes of video
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Amidst a grand gathering of thirty-two individuals engaged in a 1920s flapper-style orgy, Sierra Spuck and Dr. Rideout find themselves immersed in their own world. Their chemistry is so potent, their connection so intense, that the passionate moans and rhythmic sound of slaps from the surrounding...

Tags: Blondes Bodybuilder creampie Cute
"B-Ride" With Step-Parent
Dr. Rideout , Melissa Johnson
21 minutes of video
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B-Ride is privileged from his Daddy's money. And so is his stepmom Melissa Johnson. She is always on his ass about doing chores or mowing the yard. Little does B-Ride know that his real parent might be getting his rocks off else where. So Melissa is very horned up and comes on too B-Ride, before you...

Tags: cheating old and young stepmom Tattoos
Julian St Jox and Dr. Rideout in "Double Stuff Studs"
Dr. Rideout , Julian St. Jox
24 minutes of video
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It was such a honor to be filming and tag teaming Taylor Nicole with AVN hall of famer Julian St. Jox. It is so cool that Julian started in 1990 and is still going hard! I hope I will be able to keep filming like he is deep into my ripe old age. In this “Double Stuff Studs” video we really...

Tags: anal BBC big breasts big tits