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The Riders / Dr. Rideout

Height:  5'10"
Age:  40

Kama Sultra in Good Kama pt1
Dr. Rideout , Kama Sultra
11 minutes of video
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Kama Sultra pores over her new Kama Sutra book, each position more tantalizing than the last. The illustrations stir a warmth within her, urging her to explore further. Then she get’s in the show to try and fulfill her needs with the vibrating shower head, but she can’t quit reach her peak… ...

Tags: big breasts big tits Doctor Exam
Tiffany Nacke in "Throat Of Course"
Dr. Rideout , Tiffany Nacke
20 minutes of video
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Tiffany Nacke, battling a sore throat, anticipates a visit from Dr. Rideout. Elegantly perched by her piano, she waits. When Dr. Rideout arrives, Tiffany expresses her discomfort, suggesting perhaps a throat massage might provide relief. Her eyes, gleaming with mischief, hint at unspoken desires....

Tags: big tits bj black hair Blow Job
Aliyah Taylor Stomach Fake
Aliyah Taylor , Dr. Rideout
21 minutes of video
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Aliyah Taylor, with her expressive eyes and soft voice, claims she hasn’t left her bed for days due to some unknown ailment. Concerned for her well-being, Dr. Rideout pays a visit to her home, keen to understand and address her complaints. As he begins a careful examination, probing for signs of abdominal...

Tags: anal big clit Bodybuilder Busty
Barbie and Ken's First Time
Dr. Rideout , Mia Molotov
25 minutes of video
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Barbie, played by the stunning Mia Molotov, is experiencing unfamiliar sensations in her lower area. She invites Ken over to help her decipher this peculiar feeling. She's curious if Ken, too, has a similar bump between his legs as she does. However, when she pulls down Ken's shorts, she discovers...

Tags: barbie Brunettes Cute doll
Sierra Spunk and Sweet Vickie with Dr. Rideout and Friends
Brant Stephens , Danny Luckee
26 minutes of video
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Sierra Spunk and Sweet Vickie delight in the thrilling experience of multiple simultaneous stimulations. Dr. Rideout, along with his friendly cohorts, is only too pleased to oblige their specific cravings. Every individual partakes in this charged escapade, spending intimate moments with these enticing...

Tags: BBC Blondes Busty Cuckhold
Bee Buzzing in her School Girl Outfit
Bee , Dr. Rideout
30 sec of video
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Bee, adorned in an enticing schoolgirl ensemble, is primed for an enlightening encounter with Dr. Rideout. Her playful pigtails enhance her alluring attire, adding an irresistible charm. As the call to action sounds, the atmosphere ignites with a palpable tension between them. Her miniskirt, a provocative...

Tags: Cute Mini Skirt Pigtails Red Hair
Alisha Adams with POV
Alisha Adams , Dr. Rideout
19 minutes of video
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Alisha Adams is experiencing a specific type of thirst, and it's not for a refreshing lemonade. Her longing is directed towards Dr. Rideout's intimacy, an unmistakable desire that runs deeper. Her irresistible bush swallows up every last bit of the Doctor's considerable charm. In this cinematic experience,...

Blair Bentley Beautiful fucks Dr. Rideout
Blair Bentley , Dr. Rideout
18 minutes of video
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With each moment, Blair's allure intensifies as she takes command of their shared passion. Her artistic tattoos form a captivating backdrop for their sensual dance, while her irresistible charm keeps Dr. Rideout thoroughly captivated. Each touch, each shared glance, elevates their connection, creating...

Tags: Brunettes pov Tattoos Young