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The Riders / Dr. Rideout

Height:  5'10"
Age:  40

Melting Snow Starring Caity Snow
Caity Snow , Dr. Rideout
24 minutes of video
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Just as snow readily melts under the heat, Caity Snow finds herself similarly melting under Dr. Rideout's expert touch, artfully applied in just the right places. Caity arrives in a stunningly short mini skirt, oblivious to the fact that she's playing right into one of Dr. Rideout's weaknesses: the...

Tags: Big Dick Blondes Blow Job Busty
Tattooed Nicole Bailey
Dr. Rideout , Nicole Bailey
30 sec of video
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Nicole Bailey exudes an adorable charm that's as inviting as a warm pie, but her disrobed figure reveals an entirely different, enchantingly captivating story. The enticing tattoo adorning her chest amplifies the excitement as she assertively takes control, and the intricate ink design tracing her...

Tags: Doggy Style Hardcore Hotel Sex Mini Skirt
Poke Her Time Starring Sayler Vixen
Dr. Rideout , Randy Denmark
22 minutes of video
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Sayler Vixen meticulously deals the cards for what appears to be a cordial game of poker. Randy Denmark, however, finds himself unmoved by the traditional lure of monetary gain. As a seasoned stock broker, he craves something more stimulating than the green color of currency to spark his interest....

Tags: Asian Big Dick Blow Job Cum Shot
Power Fuck With Kellie Shin
Dr. Rideout , Kellie Shin
38 minutes of video
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Brace yourself for an encounter with the formidable Kellie Shin! This electrifying session with Kellie and Dr. Rideout will leave you panting for breath, reaching for a bottle of water, and dialing up your masseuse for a much-needed recuperation. Watch as she audaciously explores Dr. Rideout's intimate...

Tags: Fit Chick Hotel Sex Interracial MILF
Salem is Skinny Sexy and Fresh
Dr. Rideout , Salem
20 minutes of video
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Salem Sweet, with her light complexion and an air of anticipation, is primed and ready to embrace the challenge of Dr. Rideout's imposing attributes. Initially, her approach is cautious and somewhat reserved, but soon she sheds her inhibitions and fully immerses herself in the passionate encounter,...

Tags: Big Dick Bodybuilder Cum Shot Cute
Serena Dom's Dr. Rideout
Bee , Dr. Rideout
16 minutes of video
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Serena commands the scene, her dominance encapsulated in the provocative allure of her form-fitting, crotchless vinyl suit. Dr. Rideout submits to her rule, embracing the tantalizing blend of pain and pleasure that comes with her whips, slaps, and teases. After an exquisite dance of suspense and...

Tags: Bondage Edge Red Hair Red Head
Skylar Madison In Clean Dirty
Dr. Rideout , Skylar Madison
29 minutes of video
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Typically, a bath implies a ritual of cleansing. However, when Skylar Madison is involved, the bath transforms into an arena of naughty indulgence. She enthusiastically engulfs Dr. Rideout's cock, demonstrating her readiness to embrace the vigorous rhythm set by him. In a playful blend of cleanliness...

Tags: Bath Tub Big Dick Blondes Blow Job
Sweet Vickie in Time for a Toothache
Dr. Rideout , Sweet Vickie
13 minutes of video
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Should you have been neglecting your dental visits, this might be the motivation you need. Sweet Vickie, with her sugar-coated allure and captivating smile, can induce a deep cavity of desire. Sweet Vickie embodies the ideal woman, the kind whose enchanting beauty invades your dreams and stirs an...

Tags: Big Dick Blondes Blow Job Bodybuilder