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The Riders / Dr. Rideout

Height:  5'10"
Age:  40

Dora Kola "Sleepless In Seattle"
Dora Kola , Dr. Rideout
24 minutes of video
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Dora Kola is a nurse at Dr. Rideout’s practice. She wanted him to come by her house and see if her new out fit would be appropriate for the work place. Dr. Rideout immediately notices HR might have an issue with her outfit. But that’s not all Dora called the Doc over for, she also has a ”Sore...

Tags: Asian check up Doctor Exam
Tiffany Nacke "Takes All Da Dick"
Dr. Rideout , Jonathan Jordan
34 minutes of video
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While her husband is gone away and thinking Tiffany is at a book club meeting. She invites over half a dozen men to rail all her holes. Low and behold her man walks in the house to catch her starting the party off with two massive cocks in her mouth. Tiff makes him sit on the couch and watch her sex...

Tags: cheating creampie facial Gangbang
Sierra Spunk in "Stopping By"
Dr. Rideout , Sierra Spunk
20 minutes of video
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I was passing through the neighborhood when he noticed Sierra was on her bed playing with her self. As I was peering through her window she noticed me. I thought I was in trouble, but sure enough Sierra waved to me to come in and join her. We had a hot session in this well lit room. She is such a...

Tags: big breasts big tits Blondes shaved pussy
“Cock Raider” Tiffany Nacke and Myster Mysterious
Aliyah Taylor , Clarkes Boutaine
42 minutes of video
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Tiffany Nacke is in pursuit of the elusive Doctor Mysterio in his secret lair. He has recently concocted a serum with the power to transform humans into the undead. As Tiffany closes in on him, Doctor Mysterio unleashes his henchmen to stop her. But in a twist of fate, both Tiffany and Doctor...

Tags: BBC big breasts big clit Big Dick
Tiffany Nacke and Olivia Vee in "Dark Throat"
Dallas Strokes , Dr. Rideout
15 minutes of video
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Tiffany and Olivia are thirsting for a lot of cocks and huge amounts of cum in "Dark Throat" and yes there will be plenty of Deep Throat. Do you get it? I took a twist on the classic title and added some flavor from these two hot alternative/emo chicks to the mix. Olivia came over with an invite from...

Tags: blow bang Blow Job dark hair facial
Rebel Rhyder in "Doc Lends A Hand"
Dr. Rideout , Rebel Rhyder
21 minutes of video
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I'd suggest reframing it completely to maintain a professional tone: Rebel consults Dr. Rideout, expressing concerns about her throat discomfort. While their conversation unfolds, it becomes evident there may be some unspoken dynamics, but Dr. Rideout ensures the consultation remains strictly professional....

Tags: anal big breasts big tits Blondes
Kellie Shin in "Specimen Cumlection"
Dr. Rideout , Kellie Shin
14 minutes of video
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Nurse Sperma has always admired Dr. Rideout for his expertise. Hoping to collaborate with him on a project, she proposes a unique research idea, albeit with some ulterior motives. Dr. Rideout, sensing something more to her proposal than meets the eye, addresses the situation directly with his cock!...

Tags: buff girl dark hair Doctor Doggy Style
Kama Sultra in "Good Kama" pt2
Dr. Rideout , Kama Sultra
23 minutes of video
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Kama Sultra, despite her efforts, couldn't fully grasp the intricacies of her Kama Sutra book. Seeking clarity, she reached out to Dr. Rideout for guidance on understanding the various positions described therein. Maintaining professionalism, Dr. Rideout explained each technique in detail. However,...

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